Hi, I'm Attila

ITware :: UMA :: IBIMA :: UMFST

As a complex service and solution provider, he leverages a proven global delivery model to implement cost-effective business solutions that testify to research, software, and quality engineering excellence with applied AI solutions.



23+ Years

IT, Telecom, Pharma & Healthcare, Industry, Construction, Automotive, 


200+ Projects

Expertise and leadership in multiple sectors and multiple countries


2 x PhD(c)

Health Sciences (UMA, ES) and Computer Science (UMFST, RO)



Expertise in research and development domains

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.


Track record

Attila is an accomplished and performance-driven professional with extensive experience in international business, software development, and scientific research in IT and health. He is an excellent communicator and has demonstrated the ability to build robust relationships and effectively manage competing business demands.


He is responsible for delivering secure, stable, effective, and innovative technology solutions leading to B2B, M2M/IoT, and B2C projects by removing the complexity and identifying clear implementation paths for efficient business operations.


He is motivated to build robust and efficient professional companies and highly motivated teams through challenging projects, to inspire teammates and colleagues to dream more, learn more, become more, innovate more, and work continuously with passion! 

Keep IT Simple! 

His team(s) of domain experts, engineers, and researchers has worked for almost 25+ years and has participated in several extensive enterprise integration and custom software development (including artificial intelligence) projects in Hungary and abroad with international companies, universities, and research institutes from Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, the USA, Japan, Spain, Italy, North Macedonia, and the UK. 

You are in the right place if you are looking for a partner who will deliver premium and complex custom IT and R&D solutions for your business success with AI-supported processes and methods


Development: He applies an Agile software development process based on customers’ requirements. His engineering team(s) continuously improves the working models and methodologies, trains themselves, and closely supports customers.

QA: The Quality Assurance (QA) process ensures thorough and practical testing of software products and applications. Though the emphasis is on Defect Prevention, all project phases need quality control. Therefore, an emphasis is placed on effective software testing. Data on defects is collected to analyze and track issues in the project, and corrective action is recommended and implemented. 

Mentoring: His ars poetica is that mentoring with gamification is the best practice asset for assisting talented people with their learning and career growth over a long period. Leveling up the software/QA developers and working with satisfied developers is crucial in any project and provides satisfied customers.